omg that long?! well… blame it on the lack of an iOS app… 😾

you were still 100% faster than me (17.5 minutes per km).
Is your Cardio Fitness tab showing anything?

oh how I wish could bring it back to TestFlight (or the App Store). 😭


Trudeau needs to go together with Dougie who wept crocodile tears today. Oh… I’m sorry but please vanish from Ontario. Right. Now. People in their 30s started to die at home. 0852f2e2-8842-45c2-bfba-39152f5f0cb2

Yeah there was one. The Macchiato app (testflight beta). Now it's missing somehow…


"This is not a decision lightly made. My soul is in flux."
Which Trudeau is sober? 🤔
okay flights from India
no flights from India

awww… nice to see you too! The 10c mobile app is gone, and I'm not quite a web person…


if so he would have put her entire discography on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, and suchlike years back. 😉

“Wait till you see the numbers next Tuesday and you’re gonna be shocked” left me speechless. Keeping people in suspense with breezy lines that sound like “Stay tuned” doesn’t make him a good reality show host. 🙄

A Doug Ford press conference is no more than an announcement that he might make an announcement about a further announcement. No plan, no action. Everything is delayed for a week and another and yet another.