thanks, Jason. I hope so. 🙁 My antihistamines are on the way.

My first experience with eczema as an adult is being real awful. 😭
Eucerin Eczema Relief

Considering that A/C would result in a significant waste of power (say, I might forget to turn off A/C on 2F when I’m on 1F and thus have all A/C running), I’ve turned to Vornado to kill this heat. 🌡 The first model I’ve ordered is 573, a compact flat panel air circulator for smaller rooms like my bedroom. Why? Because Amazon ships it the same day and it looks really neat on my nightstand. Other models are arriving in a few days. It will be a cool summer without A/C.
Vornado 573
Vornado 573

a piece of summer




📍 Lake Niapenco
Hamilton, ON

I wish our cops in GTHA had it too 😑

probably because she can’t travel or work for the next indefinite while, or she has to stop attending a senior living solely with her, or she has just kissed someone and feels guilty. No idea… 🤐 But the police and first responders were real quick. The scene was instantly cordoned off. 🤭

After eating at a ramen restaurant, a young woman received a phone call from the hospital saying she tested positive for COVID-19. She broke down immediately in the shopping center, crying hysterically among several onlookers with face masks. Then police and first responders came over and held her in check. The ramen restaurant was also closed within an hour. This is what happened in Beijing, China, three hours ago today.

🤣 So true… once I paid $15, but I just walked less than 1km. A good deal, huh 🤔