So they're not worried at all that the events would turn out to be a fiasco? I'm not a fan of the Olympics, either; I'm looking forward to seeing how it will unfold, though. 🤔

How is Japan doing? Are the Olympics likely to happen regardless?

They are being so effective that I can roll my eyes hard all the way back to see my brain. And the amount of vaccines taken out of their refrigerators every day is on a par with that of the milk taken out of mine. 🙄

If I were in Wuhan now I guess my door would be welded shut by local authorities so I wouldn't be able to go out any more. But in Canada, you know, everything about the pandemic reeks of half measures, including the so-called province-wide lockdown… Just enjoying our lives to the full within public health guidelines… I wear a face mask + a face shield wherever I go :-)

my coworkers in Beijing, China say they’re undergoing “harsh weather conditions” with temperatures heading down to -22°C at night and -15°C in the daytime. But here in Hamilton it’s about 3°C/-3°C so why should we refrain from taking delight in some Aunt Jean Creams? 😉

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thanks, Jason. I hope so. 🙁 My antihistamines are on the way.

My first experience with eczema as an adult is being real awful. 😭
Eucerin Eczema Relief

Considering that A/C would result in a significant waste of power (say, I might forget to turn off A/C on 2F when I’m on 1F and thus have all A/C running), I’ve turned to Vornado to kill this heat. 🌡 The first model I’ve ordered is 573, a compact flat panel air circulator for smaller rooms like my bedroom. Why? Because Amazon ships it the same day and it looks really neat on my nightstand. Other models are arriving in a few days. It will be a cool summer without A/C.
Vornado 573
Vornado 573