Social distancing is as important as washing hands carefully and frequently.

If you can’t avoid human contact (even with your close friends or family members), put on protective gear, since you’ve no idea if any of you have already carried the virus before symptoms set in. Both the young and the old can fall victim to the disease.

FYI, in China few people were / are hoarding toilet paper.

political correctness seems to be a vaccine or a cure to them. 🤐


I don’t wanna waste my time on these idiots. They deem the tragedies of China to be conspiracies or media hyped falsehoods and instead cling to the ill-informed local health authorities. I just came back from Beijing where ALL people were seen to take proactive measures, and I got several close friends still on lockdown in Wuhan who have been recording everything they experience and learn in that country.

Messages directly from the epicenter are questionable, while authority-processed[^1] secondhand information is to be valued. What a funny thought.

[^1]: Statistics from China are not trustworthy. For example, a male patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 days after he infected the whole family. Since local hospitals were lacking in beds and could not take in patients in time (not to mention that each community had a quota for testing), only he and his wife were successfully admitted, with their parents and kids still in self isolation. Later the couple and their parents all died, but only the couple were counted as COVID-19 fatalities. Their parents were not, because they were not officially diagnosed and admitted to a hospital. Also some of the elderly committed suicide after they contracted the virus for various reasons. They were not counted as COVID-19 fatalities, either. So the fatality rates get to look lower than what they would have been. Any research and medical advice based on China’s data are mediocre at best. Also a bunch of Chinese independent outlets reported many young victims aged 21 - 39 with great details, including the silenced whistleblower Wenliang Li []. Most of these reports ended up getting censored and deleted by the Chinese government soon. Lovely fellow Hamiltonians lectured me by pointing out that only 26 out 10,000 deaths were under 40.

Me: PM’s wife contracted COVID-19. Sad news.

Hamiltonians: It’s not sad news. She’s fine.

Me: Not sad? Fine? Please explain why Chinese restaurants lost almost all patrons recently.

Hamiltonians: You racist!

🤦🏻‍♂ To hate a hate crime is also a hate crime in itself.

Hamilton has the first confirmed positive case of coronavirus. Gee thanks! 🙄

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but I agree with you — .one looks pretty cool.

not many, I got even more .com’s 😬 Are there any chances that these less common TLDs cease to exist someday for some reason? This concern makes me cling to .com, .ca, and other common extensions.

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