Some of the Chinese netizens have referred to Canada as Camada, ma for marijuana. ?

This puppy is a cyneskimo.


@matigo good to know … ?

@matigo would you be happy with both shanks buried deep in that white stuff… ?

Bonjour, I’m your android snowblower today. Gauge my workload and pay in cash in advance. Thank you.ImageImageImageImage

@joeo10 the new logo is a microdisaster…

Why should condo fees surge that much? 11% per year? For 4 consecutive years? Crazy?

It is said one cannot have more than two things among the three: intelligence, honesty, and political correctness.

@matigo ? shiba = 柴, inu = 犬, and 柴犬 = shibaken rather than shibainu? Well… well… well… Japanese is durn easy to learn… ?