Yes, this is very proffesional. ?


@matigo the ebb and flow of energy is characteristic of men… and maybe of all living creatures. Take it easy. ??

@jeremycherfas probably. I just quit Don’t get to test it. ?


@matigo I waited till today for another 15% off the discounted price. That’s almost half the original price. Well… I’d like to give it a whirl. If it’s harder than installing a spaceship I’ll return it. ?

Going to finish part of my rooms with this light gray laminate flooring, which is available only at Lowe’s. Spent a dollar on a sample of it. Features: AC 5 durability rating, made in Germany, lifetime warranty (for residential purposes), amazingly thick (12mm), suitable for the main floor, the bedrooms, and even the basement… Flawless, eh? But now it’s on sale for a very compelling / crazy price. So what’s the catch? ?


@matigo I’ve never doubted the moribundity of that project ?

@matigo if “done” amounts to “dead”, then they’re correct. ?

The wavelength app for was updated 10 months ago. Seems that Manton and his team can’t juggle everything pretty well.

Oganesson (Og, atomic no. 118) is the only element in the periodic table whose namesake is still alive today.

@matigo In many places the air has started to smell of marijuana since weeks ago…