One CBSA employee at YYZ tests positive for COVID-19.

Good boy, Pearson. 🙄

agreed… been away for 1.5 years 😑

the .one domain looks cool, even for one like

I have purchased one (not the above one, though). 🤗

both look great but the one on the right looks even better! 👍

Agreed. Panicking makes no sense. Just make sure we’re not carrying the virus and spreading it to the old and invalids unconsciously. Not everyone can survive it after all. 😢


take care. Hope you’re feeling better now.

Another well-known guy has deleted his account for he can’t stand the “toxicity” found there. 🤔 It’s not easy to maintain a community, even one of that size.

Social distancing is as important as washing hands carefully and frequently.

If you can’t avoid human contact (even with your close friends or family members), put on protective gear, since you’ve no idea if any of you have already carried the virus before symptoms set in. Both the young and the old can fall victim to the disease.

FYI, in China few people were / are hoarding toilet paper.

political correctness seems to be a vaccine or a cure to them. 🤐