A media-Trudeau Q&A session is always embarrassing …

I’d pick one favorite classical vinyl and pass out on it. 🎶


One CBSA employee at YYZ tests positive for COVID-19.

Good boy, Pearson. 🙄

agreed… been away for 1.5 years 😑


the .one domain looks cool, even for one like kidneyst.one

I have purchased one (not the above one, though). 🤗

both look great but the one on the right looks even better! 👍


Agreed. Panicking makes no sense. Just make sure we’re not carrying the virus and spreading it to the old and invalids unconsciously. Not everyone can survive it after all. 😢



take care. Hope you’re feeling better now.


Another well-known guy has deleted his micro.blog account for he can’t stand the “toxicity” found there. 🤔 It’s not easy to maintain a community, even one of that size.