thanks, Jason. I enjoy the peculiarity of my url as long as it’s not left stranded on a server you’re going to destroy. 😝

Am I the only one still dwelling at * rather than .org? πŸ€”

A current client of mine might be a magnificent combination of arrogance and ignorance. πŸ™„

hello πŸ––

(Yet I guess she just wants to blog quietly rather than join a chinwag. πŸ˜‰)

A media-Trudeau Q&A session is always embarrassing …

I’d pick one favorite classical vinyl and pass out on it. 🎢

One CBSA employee at YYZ tests positive for COVID-19.

Good boy, Pearson. πŸ™„

agreed… been away for 1.5 years πŸ˜‘

the .one domain looks cool, even for one like

I have purchased one (not the above one, though). πŸ€—

both look great but the one on the right looks even better! πŸ‘