The Face Covering Conjecture is still the hardest unsolved question in the Western world. The Collatz Conjecture and Goldbach’s Conjecture pale by comparison. 🙄

real nice. Sounds like the Olympics should not have been shelved. 😬

so many Karens and Gregs thumb their noses at covid news and are being remiss. While London, Kitchener and Waterloo combined saw 0-4 cases in a day, Hamilton reported 8-12. Two weeks ago I went to Fifty Point only to see people standing real close to each other… 🤐

A few weeks back I stumbled upon a neat, lightweight web app [] crafted by an independent dev from China. Yesterday I signed up and found a number of users in the public timeline. Everyone was posting stuff in Chinese. So I introduced 10C in Chinese, encouraging people in that country to move to the Open Web. Some of them might be intrigued and trying to sign up.

how have you and family been? I learned the other day that Japan already had very few active cases that they couldn’t even conduct vaccine trials.

Pretty good. Been preparing for post-covid work and life. Hamilton is not faring extraordinarily well in the pandemic. That said, the whole province is seeing far fewer cases.

thanks, Jason. I enjoy the peculiarity of my url as long as it’s not left stranded on a server you’re going to destroy. 😝

Am I the only one still dwelling at * rather than .org? 🤔

A current client of mine might be a magnificent combination of arrogance and ignorance. 🙄

hello @Natalie 🖖

(Yet I guess she just wants to blog quietly rather than join a chinwag. 😉)