it automatically started working in the middle of the night, eerie noises disturbing every living creature in the house…

Toothbrush scrapped. Gotta get a new one.

My electric toothbrush is going nuts… I've just wrapped it in a thick blanket, so when it powers itself up again it won't drive me into a frenzy of rage at 2:30am. 😓

whenever I opened it, something forced it to quit in a second. But now it’s working fine except that several places look weird. Is it because macchiato has yet to be optimized for v5?

hi 👋 long time no see… just because Macchiato ceased to work properly many many weeks ago…

hi hi 👋 miss you guys

Finally!!! I’m back here!!! 🥳🥳🥳

I guess the Japanese language is as “advanced”. My sister told me it’s 地球, exactly the same characters as in Chinese. 地 = earth, 球 = ball.


In China, few people (far fewer than Canadians and Americans, TBH) have ever told me that they think Earth is flat. That’s probably because in the Chinese language, Earth is “diqiu”, literally translated “terrestrial (di) ball (qiu)”, which effectively conveys the idea of sphere and prevents them from unnecessarily depicting Earth as a vast, flat piece of land.

only 31?! I thought there would be 58! 😼