@matigo those areas do figure high on my list, but properties I consider to be affordable are mainly situated near/within the industrial sectors or located in Brantford… ?

Thinking of buying a house in Hamilton on my own. Anything good seems so pricey though.

@matigo the first, no; the second, yes. ?

Kicked off one of my boots down the stairs into the basement on arriving home. Kicked the other down too shortly after. Went down and took them both back upstairs. A pair of shoes is supposed to stay intact all the time.

@matigo like X1 carbon?

I sneaked into a Lenovo store and got introduced to their Windows laptops, Android cells, and accessories, which I’m still not familiar with. But even a modicum of human interaction was cool.

@matigo only when I’m wearing a mask or something…

Face ID on the iPhone just failed to recognize my face after a shave… Feeling what I felt on my 18th frustrated attempt? Have already set up an “alternate appearance” of my own… Only two appearances can be set up on one device for the moment. A good reason for not enrolling your wifey’s face? ?


Lazy people can be lovely. But those too lazy to show the common courtesy can't be more annoying.

@matigo just familiar with Japanese tunes as old as those of Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taeko Onuki, and the like. ?