it seems like in Asia only Zombie, Dying in the Sun, and Dreams among few others can be expected on the radio or in a random shop …

true. Every Canadian should have a “dot see eh?”. ?


yes pretty tiny and pretty Mennonite-reined

speaking of hoarding domains I like mine very much. is cool in the same way.


Are you going to forestall those domain hoarders? ?


Visited a factory in Tillsonburg and shot some pictures for a friend's business website…
More importantly, this is another V5 post. 😄






I can’t help laughing ?

ah… it’s .com, not .net. … I have successfully accessed V5. Many thanks. ?


you shouldn't have lost access. Your site is here [] and there's a link to sign in at the bottom. For a more social experience, there's the social site []. Are you getting password errors?



Let’s see what Cloudflare is gonna roll out.