yeah he’s a great guy doing great things. My complaints only focus on the paucity of good customer support considering the existing deficiencies lying in a paid service. Not everyone is web-savvy after all.

see how micro.BLOG is being lucky in this way ? (I nevertheless experience slow loading at times but never failure to load)

perhaps $15/yr is his ultimate gains and $5*12-$15 goes to DreamHost…

Actually I started my first account here days ago when I wasn’t conscious of the GFW affecting connectivity. Many times of failure to access certain parts of the site led me to delete that account on a fit of anger. Later I came to think it might be due to the darn great firewall and decided to try again, hence my presence here. Yeah! ?

my first day here at 10C. Good to know y’all!

Whoa! Newly spiffed-up conversation view in Cappuccino.


I remember shooting manton an email containing 15 questions about using and he only helped enable https with the other 14 questions set afloat in the atmosphere 50km above earths surface… maybe I’m a perfectionist asking for too much or my questions were just stultifying him… I’d just wanted to make sure $5/m would go where it should, particularly as regards customer support…

I’m listening to it ? the great Tomás episode

generally any ugc site with a global domain .com/.net/etc is likely subject to gfw’s manhandling…

I’d guess manton’s too busy to take care of this. He’s got a big picture to tend to and your concerns as well as mine are sure trifles for the moment. ?