I did the math. $4 for the vocal part of the entire album ?



he’s a back number to me. I’m on XXXtentacion this month. Some of his music is dope, while the lunacies on the news… no comment… ?

yesterday you were looking at kanye west ?

Honestly you don’t look like 52. I’d guess you were forty something. Age ain’t nothin but a number. Just be robust and bouncy!


thanks for making it clear ?? I used to think Apple was the largest distributor of podcast content and it’d be responsible for censoring and hosting the content as well. What an illusion. That is, episodes found on Pocket Casts may not be available on iTunes and vice versa, right? Seems that no one should have full listings of all podcasts human beings have created.

I’m still under 35 at the moment, but a LOT of things of male creatures are said to degenerate remarkably after 35… kind of horrid… ?

So the micro.blog-hosted microcasts are not searchable across platforms like Apple Podcasts and Pocket Casts right? They’re just being locally hosted. ?

Seems like if I prevent myself from crashing out at an earlier point (say 11pm) and just carry on with endless yawns, I’d stay up till very late (3 - 4am).

yeah I requested a decaf and just crashed out before it was ready.

I often tell myself that I should treat my friends right because they've chosen to remain my friends and stick around with my inept handling of human relationships of all kinds. Yes, I do feel very depressed about people at times.