I should’ve put a NSFW hashtag there ?


perfect point made. Curious to know what kinds of edu apps you are working on. I’m also working in this field, albeit not as a software developer. Is there a demo or something available on the web? :-)

perhaps the same answer to “Did the Find Friends app ever help find friends?” ?

just inspired by the semen and tits thing…???


Well… the Classroom app got on App Store… for iOS only and iPad only…

you can’t write “postmodern” without any strokes in the middle of “porn”…

a friend’s friend and his then-girlfriend/fiancée

If only you were still by my side.



it’s a real great conception. I should’ve known that from the name.
On our current web, it’s frustrating to know your data with some service providers doesn’t necessarily belong with you from the first day of use, and it’ll be more so when your data ends up vanishing without your consent. We don’t need more services like this. Eternity is a beautiful word.

Incidentally, I haven’t yet doped out where to see all my files on micro.blog like I do here on 10C. My observation is that m.b bears an increasing resemblance to existing social networks. A Tumblr featuring the Avenir Next typeface? ?


??‍? they’re seasoned sashimi (tuna and salmon), gobō, caviar, tomatoes, avocado, sesame seeds, and some greens.