it’s a real great conception. I should’ve known that from the name.
On our current web, it’s frustrating to know your data with some service providers doesn’t necessarily belong with you from the first day of use, and it’ll be more so when your data ends up vanishing without your consent. We don’t need more services like this. Eternity is a beautiful word.

Incidentally, I haven’t yet doped out where to see all my files on like I do here on 10C. My observation is that m.b bears an increasing resemblance to existing social networks. A Tumblr featuring the Avenir Next typeface? ?


??‍? they’re seasoned sashimi (tuna and salmon), gobō, caviar, tomatoes, avocado, sesame seeds, and some greens.

Rowing us across the lake. Boating was fun.



No wonder I can’t recall seeing any Canadian use an Android phone in front of me…


happy that my low-carb diet has an audience! :-P

I was somehow touched by your commitments to this project. I’ve been interested in IndieWeb since 2010 but started to explore recently. Wish I’d known you and 10C earlier. :-) Have you got sort of “lofty ambition” in regard to this project?


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.




I mean all the little tweaks and great exertions around 10C :-)


are you able to juggle all these during work hours? :-P


Trying out Hover, the foldable camera drone at an electronics store. Launched off my hand and kept airborne for twenty seconds or so, it plummeted 5 meters straight and died. Then I left with loud whoa whoa whoas behind my back ?