Philosophy behind the design (presumed):
You need a good companion to cigarettes after sex.


I’m considering having my inbox automatically reject one-line emails and send a reply teaching them to write decent emails.

visually and aesthetically I prefer Canadian colors, probably because I attach too much weight to the perfect symmetry in a design. ?


What about one of these?


4 million out of 75 million subscribers pay but don’t listen.$1.36 billion was pulled in in Q1 2018, lower than Wall Street’s estimate of $1.4 billion.
Wall Street was disappointed, and the shares fell nearly 9%.
∴ Some podcasters say Spotify will be acquired in a year. ?

(Apple Music currently has around 40 million subscribers.)


don’t think Echo is capable of reading Cantonese… both of us speak English… guess it’s the lovely firewall that causes frequent breakdowns in communications so that Alexa acts as if she was having a brain fade on and off…

lol it doesn’t. It’s like —
Alexa, what’s the weather like today?
— In Beijing it’s currently xx °C, and %%#^ *sudden silence
Alexa, go on. What’s the weather like today?
still silence
Alexa, …
Dong~ Sorry, I’m having trouble understanding right now…

My Amazon Echo has turned into an idiot since it came to China… ?

I did the math. $4 for the vocal part of the entire album ?



he’s a back number to me. I’m on XXXtentacion this month. Some of his music is dope, while the lunacies on the news… no comment… ?