iiii.ca is powered by WordPress, which I’ve been tinkering with for almost 10 years. It’s self-hosted, not with WordPress.com, another victim of the sinister GFW. ?

? thank you so much for reminding me of this! I habitually use the wp-URLs everywhere to slash traffic use just because of their hotlinkability. But I pasted the original URLs here… and I forgot having set the hotlinking protection… ?

oh do I? ??? but the images are seen on my site and micro.blog. (Images are stored on a different server.)

11pm, Houhai, Beijing. Crowded everywhere.




I guess that’s why Pharrell interprets “HAPPY” as “clap along if you feel like a room WITHOUT A ROOF”.

physical locations of sites are not a determinant of whether the GFW effects a blockage. Two of my servers are in Tokyo and they both work just fine. CloudFlare on the other hand fails to work behind the wall at times. But hosting a site in Japan indeed increases the risk of getting blocked because too many Chinese netizens are setting up VPNs on servers in Japan for faster loading. Their preference: Hong Kong = Japan > Singapore > USA > Elsewhere. The Chinese government has already noticed this, so…

honestly not. I found Manton was too busy to respond and I saw no point in seeking help elsewhere.

my observation: wildcard.nice.social has been repelled by the GFW. Domain blacklisting is rare and often a last resort. (Facebook, Twitter, and Google are good examples). More commonly they _slaughter_ certain IP addresses.

yeah he’s a great guy doing great things. My complaints only focus on the paucity of good customer support considering the existing deficiencies lying in a paid service. Not everyone is web-savvy after all.

see how micro.BLOG is being lucky in this way ? (I nevertheless experience slow loading at times but never failure to load)