when my friends knew I was on keto diet, they were like OH YOU’RE DEPRIVED OF THE FUN OF EATING! well ? … Actually I still have a lot to eat… I’m even trying some foods that they dare not. Don’t think my life should necessitate carbs now. ?

Today is my Day 365 on keto diet: no rice, no sugar, no flour, low carbs, adequate protein, and high fat. Honestly I’ve almost forgotten what rice tastes like, but I’m no less happy than you guys.

Which do you prefer, Castro, or Overcast, or … something else? (Seems I’m the only one that could abide the official Podcasts app for years…)

I decided on Iranian at last ?

still pondering what to eat for dinner… Indian or Mexican…

Good news… Macchiato works just fine behind the GFW without employing VPN…


I wish our offices were located any closer to such a place. Bali is definitely one of my fav recreational spots in the world.


so this time the image could be shown….


Hi ?. I'm not a proofreader by trade, but I've been very sensitive to typography and typeface stuff. :-P Good to know you, Larry.

those who "have technical knowledge" are not necessarily anarchists. They're surmounting the firewall just in hopes of bingewatching youtube videos or killing time on Instagram. I'm not very familiar with the political landscape of China, but I seldom see people run counter to the authorities. (They might be underground without me knowing :-P)